Single Axle Off-Road Caravan

Gibb Single Axle
Off-Road Caravan

The Gibb Single Axle Off-Road Caravan is hailed as the best single-axle caravan for those who seek adventure without limits. Its construction prioritises off-road capability without sacrificing the luxury and comfort of a high-end mobile home, featuring an advanced Victron micro touch battery management system for unparalleled energy efficiency.

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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the caravan boasts a 6-inch drawbar and a 4-inch main chassis, elevated by a 2-inch riser, all fabricated from 100% Australian-designed and engineered steel. Its fully independent 3T dual shock suspension with 12” brakes and D035 off-road coupling ensures it can tackle any terrain with confidence.

The integration of stone deflectors, all-terrain tyres, and a comprehensive water tank protection system highlights its readiness for the untamed wilderness, while the pull-out step and mesh in A-Frame add convenience and durability.

Floor Plans

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Interior Features

Inside, the Gibb Single Axle Off-Road Caravan offers a retreat of innovation and comfort, featuring:

  • CNC furniture and cabinetry, providing a contemporary aesthetic that does not compromise on durability, set within a fully insulated environment using air cell insulation for optimal temperature control.

  • A fully equipped kitchen with a large 2-door, 3-way fridge freezer, a 3x gas and 1x electric cooktop with a mini grill, and a full oven, meeting all culinary needs with ease.

  • The living area, transformable with café or L-shaped couch configurations, creates a versatile and cozy space for relaxation and dining.

  • The inclusion of a full ensuite, double-glazed windows, and large roof hatches with built-in LED lights ensures privacy and comfort, paralleling the conveniences of home.

Exterior Features

Externally, the Gibb Single Axle Off-Road Caravan is equipped with features designed for durability and outdoor enjoyment, including:

  • Alucomp sides, front, and rear for maximum durability, alongside a full composite panel one-piece roof and raised checker-plate sides and front for added protection against the elements.

  • An easy-access generator storage compartment and a rollout awning facilitate outdoor living and storage solutions, enhancing the caravan’s utility and liveability.

  • Enhanced safety and convenience are ensured with LED front, rear, and side work lights, alongside a 12V positive pressure system to maintain a clean interior environment, and a reverse camera for worry-free manoeuvring and setup.

The Gibb Single Axle Off-Road Caravan stands as the ultimate choice for adventurers who value a compact design without compromising on the capabilities and comforts of larger models. With its advanced suspension system, luxurious interior features, and durable exterior design, it promises a seamless blend of adventure readiness and comfort, ensuring every journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

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Technical Specifications

*Available in certain layouts

IMPORTANT: All pictures are for illustration purposes and may not depict the actual van. Caravan weights may vary from van to van. Fittings and appliances may change subject to availability. Some models require different fittings and appliances.


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