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About red centre caravans

Welcome to Red Centre Caravans, we thought we would share our journey so far with you and give you an understanding of who we are and where we have come from in this industry. Dean Goudie, the owner of Red Centre Caravans began in the caravan industry at the age of 15 when he left school and took up an apprenticeship at the local panel beating business in his home town of Rutherglen. Situated in a rural area, they worked on everything from cars, caravans, trucks, boats, you name it. Dean completed his apprenticeship and was awarded apprentice of the year twice during that time. At the age of 21, Dean started his own repair business in Yarrawonga and as the demand for repairing cars and caravans quickly grew Dean had to make a decision of which one he wanted to pursue, so he followed his passion and sold the automotive side of his business and continued with the caravan repairs. Over the journey, Dean has made a lot of good friends through the industry and the final step was to build his own brand of caravans the way he wanted with the inclusions he wanted and that was where Red Centre Caravans was born.

Red centre caravans specialised caravan builder All vans built here in australia

We listen to your needs and take the time to match you with the right caravan to suit your needs. By using years of industry knowledge and our own research and development, we offer a great range of on-road, semi off-road and full off-road caravans.
Through our extensive caravan building history and R&D we have continued to evolve our caravans. We don’t ever sit still and rest thinking what we have created is good enough. Building a caravan is a very complex exercise and we manage everything right down to the finest detail. We have input at every stage of the build from using 100% Australian steel for the chassis right through to the quality fittings and inclusions.

Our production facility

Being Australian made, the Red Centre range of caravans are meticulously hand built from start to finish in our factory in Melbourne.
Every aspect of the caravan build that we can do, we do in house. All the frame work is done by our employees not contractors. We do all of our own electrical wiring with our own A grade electrician, we have two permanent plumbers in our factory, cupboard doors are made in house and all the furniture is made by our employees. We feel by employing our own staff, we have more control over the job and we get a better overall product at the end of the build.

Caravan chassis & suspension

Our chassis’ are 100% Australian made. We only use the best technology and components to build the chassis. All of our chassis’ are engineered specifically to suit our Red Centre range of caravans using 100% Australian steel.
We are very proud to offer our Red Centre customers a suspension that our own engineering team along with Dean have created and put through rigorous testing over many years of development.
The bearings are a Japanese bearing and our shock absorbers are from the trusted Aussie brand Pedders. With independent suspension it is very important to have the correct angle for the shock absorber and spring to work to their maximum capability. When you look at the suspension under a Red Centre Caravan, you will be able to see that we have these angles right.

Caravan frame & roof

When we build a Red Centre Caravan we use an aluminium frame to ensure you will never have any issues with rot in your van. We use the latest technology to construct our aluminium frame. We have worked tirelessly to design and develop our frame to be the toughest on the market. The tough aluminium frame offers great strength whilst allowing for any stress or give the frame needs to easily transfer through the whole side of the caravan absorbing the energy and pressure evenly, rather than transferring from one pressure point and creating another pressure point. Our aluminium outer composite cladding offers great protection against hail and the rough conditions Australia throws at it.
Our roof is a full one piece sandwich panel construction.
We strengthen the roof at different points where needed to make it robust whilst also keeping the full insulation properties of the roof. The sandwich panel construction we use allows great insulation properties for the harsh Australian conditions. The components are sourced from Europe and the roof is made here in Australia, where it is pressed and CNC cut to the specific needs of every van. It is lightweight, but very durable and is cutting edge technology.

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