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Newell On Road

The Newell range of caravans is for people who want to get away to mainly caravan parks with the option of a night or two here and there of free camping. It is predominantly an on-road van but it is fine to travel on maintained gravel roads.

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Newell Plus Semi Off Road

The Newell + is the first of our semi off-road caravans, it is for customers who are happy going to caravan parks but want to extend themselves further from time to time with some free camping and corrugated roads

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Kimberley Off Road

The Kimberley is a true semi off-road caravan designed to be self contained when free camping and offers a range of features for longer trips free camping. It still comes in at a good tare weight and is also great for caravan parks, but gives you the option to get off the beaten track.

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Kimberley Plus Off Road

The Kimberley Plus is built for those who dare to venture beyond the traditional paths. With its advanced off-road capabilities and luxurious interior, this caravan is ideal for adventurers looking to explore remote landscapes without sacrificing comfort. Equipped with heavy-duty suspension and comprehensive amenities, it’s perfect for extended stays in the wild.

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Tanami Extreme Off Road

The Tanami is a tough, full off-road caravan with a huge list of extras, ready for you to take it anywhere. It has unparalleled off-road capability, it is a great van with no limits.

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Tanami Plus Extreme Off Road

The Tanami +, well what can we say, other than it is an extreme off-road beast. Fully set up for off grid, with all the bells and whistles. Just hook it on and go, Australia is waiting for you to discover it all in your Tanami +.

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Gibb On-Road Single Axle

The Gibb On-Road Caravan is designed for travellers who appreciate the balance of comfort and mobility. While primarily suited for on-road adventures and visits to caravan parks, it’s sturdy construction and protective features allow for occasional travel on less rugged off-road conditions, making it a versatile choice for weekend explorers.

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Gibb Off-Road Single Axle

The Gibb Off-Road Caravan is crafted for the passionate adventurer eager to conquer rugged terrains. Robust and reliable, this caravan is designed to handle off-road conditions with ease, featuring a durable chassis, independent suspension, and all-terrain tires. It’s equipped with essential amenities for extended off-grid living, making it perfect for those who seek the thrill of the wild while enjoying the comforts of home.

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Gibb Off-Road Plus Single Axle

The Gibb Off-Road Plus Caravan offers the ultimate in rugged durability and luxury for serious off-road enthusiasts. This single-axle caravan is engineered to tackle the most challenging terrains while providing a homely comfort with its fully-equipped kitchen, ensuite, and air-conditioned living space. It’s ideal for those who seek adventure without limits.

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Oasis luxury Off Road

The Oasis has all the off-road capabilities of the Tanami +, but has all the mod cons added to it including a fully automated satellite dish and air bag suspension, so if you are after complete luxury whilst travelling in remote areas, then this is the van for you.

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Seisia Hybrid Caravan

The Seisia Hybrid Caravan sets a new standard in eco-friendly travel with its hybrid design that combines the robustness of traditional caravans with the efficiency of modern technology. Featuring a Victron energy system and ample solar panels, it’s perfect for sustained off-grid living, offering a blend of luxury and sustainability that’s ideal for long-term exploration of remote areas.

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Personalized service at every step, from build to handover.

Tough Warranty, Tougher Frames

Rock-solid aluminium framed caravans with a 10-year structural and 2-year general warranty.

Tested by Australia

Pushed to the limit on the Gibb River Road and Cape York, our caravans and motorhomes are truly fit for purpose.


What People Say
About Us

“ We bought a Newell Plus, awesome van, fantastic service, couldn’t be happier and we would not hesitate to use Red Centre again. ”
Barry & Carrol
Sydney, Australia
“ Great range of vans and good prices, the Kimberley was perfect for our round Australia trip. ”
Bill & Margaret
Sydney, Australia
“Bought the Tanami Plus for my journey across to WA, did it easy, very happy with the van and the guys at Red Centre.”
Sydney, Australia
“ We love, love, love our Kimberley + that we recently took possession of. Everything we asked for has been built into the van and we love the finishes. We have only been on a couple of short trips so far and the few minor issues we had have been sorted by the warranty dept. We are planning a longer off road holiday very soon and can’t wait to really test the van. This will become our forever home and we know we have made the right choice. Thank you Red Centre Caravans."
Tracey & Adrian
Sydney, Australia
“ Love my Newell On-Road caravan I purchased through Simply Caravans Yarrawonga, manufactured by Red Centre Caravans. The vans are 100% Australian-made and manufactured in Victoria. Dean and Courtney were awesome to deal with, and made the purchase so easy. Would recommend that anyone looking for a van to seriously consider these.”
Craig Smith
Sydney, Australia
“ Great company to deal with. The owners and staff are courteous, kind and professional. If I’ve run into difficulties they’ve always been available to help - brilliant customer service! All their vans are Australian-made and with excellence. I've owned a Kimberly Plus for nearly two years and could not be happier. I continue to recommend Red Centre to anyone interested. I am not staff, I just love my van and the experience I’ve had with Red Centre!”
Brett Gottle
Sydney, Australia
“ Wow, what can I say. We have a Tanami plus van in 21.6 large ensuite. The van is absolutely amazing as we live in it full time. Dean and the full red centre company are so great to deal with and make life easy on the road. There response and after sales service is an easy 5 Star rating. I would easily recommend their vans to anyone."
Glen Blyton
Sydney, Australia
“ Fantastic company to deal with, nothing is too much trouble for them. Great staff and product backup. Our Kimberley is our pride and joy and we love travelling and staying in sheer luxury."
Sydney, Australia
“ We have purchased a Tanami Plus from Red Centre Caravans and could not be more pleased both with the van and the service we have received. They are a pleasure to deal with and their after-sales service is awesome. "
Jill & Steve Dunstan
Sydney, Australia
“ Red Centre Caravans kept being recommended through the fb Lemons Caravans member pages as one of the places to check out instead of avoid. I did & highly recommend."
Karen Ditty
Sydney, Australia
“ Had our Red Centre now for about 3.5 years, very few issues with it, any issues were dealt with so quick. This is what sets RC above the rest, the owners and dealers as so helpful and approachable, they build a quality product and care about their customers."
Shane Crawford
Sydney, Australia

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